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Join Us for a Mystical Blending of the

with a Two-Day SoulPoint Workshop
presented by Lania Desmond

in Magical San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

December 2 - 10, 2016

Get ready for an enlightening, heart-opening, fun adventure!

You are Invited to a Phenomenal Nine-Day Experience!

Part 1: Two-Day SoulPoint Workshop

presented by Lania Desmond 


Re-invent your life from a more meaningful state of consciousness.


Experience old issues and patterns dissolving as you reconnect with your personal ancient Archetypal Energies. Let yourself be guided into the higher mystical beauty of your true nature, where you come into alignment with 

joy, passion, and your soul’s deeper purpose ~ your SoulPoint.

Part 2: Seven-Day Dawn & DaNisha Art Experience

Explore Ancient Wisdom to discover the power

in your personal archetypes and spirit animals through the

Creation of Ceramic Masks
and so much more!


Join us

December 2 - 10, 2016

in Magical San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Nine-Day Experience Website:

If you're ready to step into a life of joy, passion, creativity and purpose,

then check out the website for this event.

To Register

and for more details regarding schedule

and things to bring, please e-mail Lania Desmond at:


Space is limited to only 10 participants

(so everyone gets lots of personal attention), 

don't let it get away – 


claim your spot before it’s filled!

~ Think Love, Then Speak ~

Can't join us for this Nine-Day Experience

in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico?

How else can I be of service?

I'm here for you, let's talk.

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