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About Lania

Lania’s greatest gift is her ability,

through imagery and subtle energy work,

to dissolve limiting beliefs and attitudes

and replace them with Expanded Perceptions.


On the receiving end, it feels like

you're taking a journey of discovery 

back to a Home you've always known 

but have somehow forgotten.


The Beginning of My Journey


Hi, my name is Lania Desmond.  I would like to share with you my story of how I came to make peace with my spiritual gifts and abilities and finally accept them as a blessing in my life.  


As a child, I always felt like the ugly duckling; I was different.  Later, I realized I was on a very personal spiritual journey, because even at a very early age I was aware of and knew things that were beyond normal comprehension.


It took time for me to understand how to hone the extraordinary ability I had to share wisdom and insights which so deeply touched people’s hearts and souls.



The Evolution of My Work


The circumstances I was born into set the stage for me to fulfill a greater destiny than I would have had with a more normal childhood.  I survived severe physical and emotional abuse, which caused the unusually early onset (at age 5) of the eating disorder anorexia, along with a devastating perception of myself.  


It wasn’t until my first Near Death Experience at age nineteen that I finally understood where I fit in.  During that NDE, I received a series of revelations from the “other side” which touched me so deeply that I could ultimately heal the wounds from my childhood.  


The resulting transformation launched my quest to understand the secrets of my true purpose. . . and this quest led to the creation of a powerful form of energy healing, called EssenceWork.  EssenceWork has greatly advanced over the years and I share it through private and group sessions and train other practitioners to use it as well.  


At a certain point, though my clients were experiencing profound changes in their lives, something was still missing for me.  A series of life events left me utterly shattered and detached from my higher consciousness, feeling alone and empty.  


In a moment of deepest despair, I somehow found the strength to surrender to my Higher Power.  This surrender ushered new, magnificent, awe-inspiring insights into my awareness.  From these insights, SoulPoint was born.  



Fulfilling My Higher Purpose


It is an absolute joy to share the profound teachings of self-empowerment that come through EssenceWork and SoulPoint. I am deeply honored that the blessings of my life purpose have so significantly touched the hearts and souls of thousands around the world.  


See actual client testimonials here: Testimonials


I continue to share the insights through private SoulPoint and EssenceWork sessions, as well as the 

Group EssenceWork Events, radio interviews, and articles. 


If what I have shared resonates with you, and you would like to transmute negative thoughts, feelings and attitudes, especially around significant relationships – then I invite you to contact me for a complimentary consultation. Let's see how my work can re-connect and align you with the voice of your soul, so you can accomplish the higher purpose that brings true value and meaning to your life. 








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