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Group EssenceWork Events
Energetically Initiating Higher States of Consciousness Worldwide

Monthly Group EssenceWork Events


This energetic formula is an extremely potent physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing modality used to resolve themes that have lingered for countless past lives and have more than likely been playing havoc in this one as well.


The Group Events, which began in 2006, have gone beyond clearing and lifting off the impact of crucial themes. Now these Events also initiate higher states of consciousness within each of the participants, bringing in balance, harmony and purpose to their lives. A special bonus is found in that these Events also have a healing effect on current themes playing out in the world today.



Advantages of Experiencing EssenceWork in a Group


Unique to this process is that it has advanced to the point where it can bypass those influences that would normally tend to sabotage your positive outcomes.


These Events activate the natural inherent nature of your Soul to feed and nourish the manifestation of higher states of consciousness – such as joy,  a sense of freedom, and self-fulfillment – through all relevant life times, on deeper and more comprehensive levels for each of the participants. 


Participating in the monthly Events allows for these positive qualities to take hold and show up more consistently in your life.


What's really powerful is how people all over the world continue to enjoy the benefits from the synergistic effects of participating in these Group Events, all without any struggle.









Some of the benefits include:


  • Harmony in relationships


  • Trust and confidence in fulfilling your higher purpose


  • Emotional balance and clarity of thinking


  • Abundance of resources, arriving from unexpected sources


This approach naturally shifts negative unconscious patterning by activating a higher state of consciousness on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – much the same as bringing light into a dark room.


Your experience is gentle and non-invasive; results can be felt immediately and unfold naturally over time.

These Events also increase the natural balance and harmony of your health and well-being.











What to Expect During the Group EssenceWork Event


Since the Event is done energetically, you are not required to be present. Actually most people prefer to just rest comfortably or even go to sleep while the Event is occuring.


During the Event I follow the lead of the collective Higher Selves and allow them to guide me on the journey as to what specific themes are common for the participants, as well as the more wholistic patterns and benefits that are being activated for those in that particular Event.


You never have to worry about what transformations are occurring, as everything is done with your full permission in alignment with your higher purpose and design. I simply act as the catalyst to facilitate the changes.


Typically the day after the Group Event, you receive an email report where I share a brief summary of the results. This report will include an overview of the imbalances that were cleared, the emotions connected with the themes, where in the body these themes may have been stored, and what the energized patterns and benefits are for that particular Event.












How YOU Can Participate in the Group EssenceWork™ Event!









































Questions? Contact Lania








"I feel like I now have a softer, more holistic perspective of myself than prior to the Group EssenceWork. I'm experiencing more of my Oneness and feel

a significant shift – and for that I am beyond grateful!"

— Vicky, Asheville NC

"This month's group was very powerful for me, as usual. I noticed that I felt overall lighter, that a twinge in my back on the left side, had completely healed. I woke up feeling refreshed... better."

– Michelle, Ft. Collins CO

Details of the Group Event:


Date:  20th of the month


Time:  11:00 pm your local time


Register by:  18th of the month


Cost:  (Normally $65) Special Now $45 per Event


Location:  In the comfort of your own home, while resting or sleeping


Follow-up:  Everyone who participates in the Event receives an email report the day following.


When possible, it's always beneficial to take a bath with

1/2 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup sea salt sometime before, during or after the Event.




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"I have to say I did feel a shift and a joy the next morning, and your words regarding the areas that got released resonated with me. I will be participating again next month—and I'm looking forward to it!"
—Richard, Denver CO

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