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Group EssenceWork Event
A Powerful Way to Stop the Struggle and Get on with Your Life!

Monthly Group EssenceWork

Have you been suffering, trying everything to get rid of those stubborn, life-sucking issues that just never seem to go away? What if there was a way to move past your challenges easily and effectively without struggling? If that's something that would interest you, then please read on ⤵️


Group EssenceWork is a potent physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing modality used to resolve negative themes in your life that have been hidden from view, cleverly playing out behind the scenes, just waiting to trip you up. Understanding that these themes have been the underlying causes keeping your issues coming back time after time, is what needs to be addressed to finally resolve those unconscious patterns. 

So, what's different about Group EssenceWork? It targets the much more expansive themes that are actually holding your issues in place. A simple example would be a brick wall. You might find yourself putting lots of effort into dealing with the bricks (issues), instead of finding a way to remove the mortar (themes) which is the main function of the EssenceWork process. By doing this, the bricks (issues) would simply fall away and have very little power over your life.


These Groups are designed to resolve the impact of these harmful themes, gently and easily while you rest comfortably, meditate 🧘‍♂️🧘🏽‍♀️ or even simply go to sleep 😴 💤 🛏 .


The EssenceWork Healing Modality is:


  • Gentle and non-invasive, with long-term results that unfold naturally over time

  • A modality that is particularly beneficial when you do not know what the issue is

  • Multifaceted and multidimensional in its complexity, which allows it to bypass those influences that might sabotage your positive outcomes​

  • The practitioner is not acting as a channel for healing energy. Instead, the activation comes via your Higher Power

  • An advanced system that also works very effectively to get to the root of children's challenges

  • Ideally suited for working in a group setting such as the monthly Group EssenceWork Events

Advantages of Experiencing EssenceWork in a Group

This unique process has advanced to the point where it can bypass influences that might otherwise tend to sabotage your positive results.


The beautiful part of this process is the impact each of you brings while the Group EssenceWork is unfolding. Your presence brings your unique circumstances into the mix and this amplifies and magnifies the outcome. This becomes a valuable aspect when added in as part of the catalyst that shifts and dissolves the old toxic conditions for everyone in the Group. At the same time, you will benefit from feeling such things as joy, a sense of freedom, and self fulfillment much more deeply. 


When you participate monthly, these positive qualities take hold and show up more consistently in your life.


What's really powerful is how people all over the world continue to enjoy the benefits from the synergistic effects of participating in these Group Events, all without any struggle.







Some of the benefits you can experience include:

  • Harmony when dealing with challenging situations...

  • Trust and Confidence when facing the unknown...

  • Emotional Balance and clarity of thinking...

  • An Abundance of Resources arriving from unexpected sources...

This approach naturally shifts negative unconscious patterning by dissolving distortions that were created in times of stress. This allows for more ease to flow into your life on all levels - much the same as bringing light into a dark cavern.


Your experience will be gentle and non-invasive; results can be felt immediately as well as unfold naturally over time.

These Events can also strengthen your body's ability to restore health and well-being.







What to Expect During Group EssenceWork


During the Group Event, the journey unfolds to reveal what specific debilitating themes are ready to be resolved that are common for the participants. Clearing them makes space so the most optimal outcomes and benefits can be activated during each Group EssenceWork.


In many cases, people have reported how good they've felt about what shifts and changes occurred and how they were in alignment with what they had been hoping for and needing help to resolve.


Most people prefer to rest comfortably, meditate 🧘‍♂️🧘🏽‍♀️ or go to sleep 😴 💤 

while the work is being done


You will receive an email report the day after the Group Event, where I'll share a summary of the results. This report will include an overview of the imbalances that were addressed, the stuck emotions that were revealed, where in the body these may have been stored, and what benefits you've received from your participation.









How YOU Can Participate in the Group EssenceWork Event





































If you've been searching for significant changes in your life,

and wish they could happen easily and without struggle, 

then let's see how my work can help You!








"I feel like I now have a softer, more holistic perspective of myself than prior to the Group EssenceWork. I'm experiencing more of my Oneness and feel

a significant shift – and for that I am beyond grateful!"

— Vicky B., Asheville NC

"This month's group was very powerful for me, as usual. I noticed that I felt overall lighter, that a twinge in my back on the left side, had completely healed. I woke up feeling refreshed... better."

– Michelle P., Ft. Collins CO

Details of the Group EssenceWork:


Date:  20th of every month


Time:  11:00 pm your local time 🕚 wherever you are 🌎


Please Register by:  18th of the month


Cost:  $65 per Event


Location:  In the comfort of your own home, while resting, meditating 🧘🏽‍♀️🧘‍♂️ or sleeping 😴 💤 


Follow-up:  When you participate you will receive an email report the following day


Tip: When possible, it's always beneficial to take a bath 🛀 with 1/2 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup sea salt sometime before, during or after the Event




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"I have to say I did feel a shift and a joy the next morning, and your words regarding the areas that got released resonated with me. I will be participating again next month—and I'm looking forward to it!"
—Richard G., Denver CO

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