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All Private Sessions are Available by Phone or on Zoom.

SoulPoint Initial Series

Re-Imagine Your Life


A 5-session series where you create a solid foundation of Self-Acceptance, Deep Love and a Unique Rapport with Your Soul.


The Initial Series lays the essential groundwork for the Advanced Series, Couples Series, and Essencework Trainings.


Investment for 5-session Series $1997


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Energy Work Through EssenceWork


Through this powerful form of energy work, we will be addressing the underlying connection between your symptoms and what has been holding your themes in place.


Your physical presence is not required at the session, since I work with you while you relax or sleep. The next day we'll connect by phone for a brief consultation.


Investment for a Private EssenceWork Session $209


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Group EssenceWork Event 


The Event occurs on the 20th of each month and begins at 11PM Your Local Time (for all time zones no matter where you are located). 


Your physical presence is not required during the Event, since it is done while you relax or sleep.


Register by the 18th of each month to be included in that month.


Investment is $45 per person per Event.


You can pay here with PayPal or contact Lania for other options.








Pay Here for Miscellaneous Sessions










If you crave significant changes in your life,

and wish they could happen easily and without struggle,

then I can help You!


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