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EssenceWork Sessions


A Powerful Way to Stop the Struggle and Get on with Your Life!


Have you been suffering, trying everything to get rid of those stubborn, life-sucking issues that just never seem to go away? What if there was a way to move past your challenges easily and effectively without struggling? If that's something that would interest you, then please read on...


Here's What's Different About EssenceWork:


EssenceWork is an extremely potent physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing modality used to resolve negative themes that may be keeping you from living your life fully.


EssenceWork targets these much more expansive themes that are the glue that holds your issues in place. A simple example would be a brick wall. You might find yourself putting lots of effort into dealing with the bricks (issues), instead of finding a way to eliminate the mortar (themes). When you remove the mortar, the bricks (issues) simply fall away and have very little power over your life.

These negative themes have been hidden from view, cleverly playing out behind the scenes, just waiting to trip you up. Understanding that these themes have been the underlying causes that keep your issues coming back time after time, is what needs to be addressed to finally get rid of those unconscious patterns. 

This approach naturally shifts those negative unconscious patterns by dissolving distortions that were created in times of emotional distress, pain, or stressful situations. Although we go very deep, your experience is very gentle. This creates space for more ease to flow into your life on all levels - much the same as bringing light into a dark room.

Unique to EssenceWork is its ability to activate your natural inherent nature which feeds and nourishes your more holistic patterns, such as happiness,  a sense of harmony, and self-acceptance. The synergistic effect of this work continues to bring benefits long after the session is done.


Best of all, the sessions are designed to resolve the impact of these harmful themes gently and easily while you rest comfortably, meditate 🧘‍♂️🧘🏽‍♀️ or even simply go to sleep 😴 💤 🛏 .


The EssenceWork Healing Modality is:


  • Gentle and non-invasive, with long-term results that unfold naturally over time


  • A modality that is particularly beneficial when you do not know what the issue is


  • Multifaceted and multidimensional in its complexity, which allows it to bypass those influences that might sabotage your positive outcomes​


  • The practitioner is not acting as a channel for healing energy. Instead, the activation comes via your Higher Power


  • An advanced system that also works very effectively to get to the root of children's challenges


  • Ideally suited for working in a group setting such as the monthly Group EssenceWork Events











What to Expect During Your EssenceWork Session


Because the process is done exclusively with your Higher Power, there is no need for you to be present during a session. Most people prefer to just rest comfortably, meditate, or even go to sleep while the session is being done.


Your Higher Power guides the journey into what themes are ready to be cleared. As the process unfolds, unwanted and unnecessary themes dissolve and the more wholistic patterns are set in motion. Everything is done with your full permission in alignment with your higher purpose and design. I simply act as the catalyst for the changes to occur. 


The day after the healing session, we will have a short conversation during which you will receive a brief summary of the results. Your personal report will include an overview of the imbalances that were cleared, the emotions connected with the themes, and where in the body these themes may have been stored. 


This is an extremely powerful and highly effective activation, so if you are serious about finally letting go of deeply embedded patterns that do not serve you, then let's begin.


Investment for each EssenceWork Session $209









"Every time I do an energy healing session with Lania I can feel layers and layers of negative emotion, non-life supporting beliefs, and painful memories vanishing away. I feel a stronger connection with my Higher Self and it empowers me with more resilience."
— MSF, Argentina

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