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SoulPoint Sessions

Often we forget what the purpose of this journey of life is all about.

Other things seem so much more important.

SoulPoint is where we Remember.


The SoulPoint experience activates an exquisite blending of ancient archetypal energies with higher consciousness wisdom that allows you to overcome spiritual amnesia and elegantly reinvent your life. SoulPoint gives more juice to your Soul and Spirit. And then tenderly opens your heart so you can live life beyond anything you could have imagined or dreamed of before.


Welcome to SoulPoint

During Your SoulPoint 5-session Series You Will:


  • Deeply connect with the source of true self-acceptance, and healthy love, all while establishing a unique rapport with your Higher Power


  • Tap into your spiritual nature, as well as your unconscious and subconscious, allowing transformation to gently occur at the deepest levels


  • Trust and align with the wealth of Divine resources available to you at a moments notice that source  your creativity and passion in life



Experiential and Energetic

As you move through the experiential exercises and imagery of each SoulPoint session, the subtle energy work quietly opens you and allows you to focus on shifting a major paradigm of life so your old emotional baggage can simply dissolve and seamlessly be replaced with expanded perceptions.


Frequent use of analogies to illustrate key points are very important elements in the process and allow you to gain a profound and personally meaningful understanding of challenges you are now leaving behind.


These understandings liberate you and provide deepened trust and heightened intuition

so you can move forward envisioning – and following through on –

the higher path in life you are now fully capable of achieving.









Is SoulPoint for You?

Although this process is for everyone, not everyone is ready for this process. 


You will know if it's your time because you can wait no longer.


This is such a highly personal endeavor, we start with an interview by phone or Zoom to see how this approach can benefit you.


Each session lasts approximately 2 hours and they are most effective when completed as close together as possible, even just days apart. The long-term results unfold naturally over time. Sessions can be done by phone or on Zoom.


Investment for 5-session Series $2497. 


Contact Lania Now






"I've gone from being stuck in old emotional patterns and beliefs from childhood to feeling free to express myself fully and be empowered in my life and relationships. Working with Lania has been one of the best gifts I've ever given myself, and it keeps on giving!"
–Ammora Grace, Founder of Love of Life Institute

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