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Discovering the Essence of Happiness

A Unique Approach to Self-Acceptance

Lania Desmond



Are you ready to move away from your struggles and limitations and express what matters most to you in a meaningful way? Can you imagine this as your life?

  • Enjoy More Fun, Laughter, and Playfulness

  • Attract Healthy, Supportive Relationships

  • Connect with a Deeper Sense of Belonging

  • Recognize and Achieve Your True Life Purpose


Yes, it really is possible. The tips in this booklet will help you do that – TODAY, bit by bit, as you are ready.

Rather than digging up old issues, this light-hearted approach will have you laughing while effortlessly resolving your deepest fears and unlocking your greatest expression of happiness.

Lania Desmond has developed a unique process that opens your heart and mind in ways that manifest truly amazing, life-altering results — in a manner her clients actually love to experience.

This approach taps into your spiritual nature, as well as your unconscious and subconscious, allowing transformation to occur at the deepest levels.

Her clients experience gratifying and ever-lasting results that are far beyond what most people can achieve with other healing modalities. Now it’s your turn.


Your Body


  • Recognize your body is giving you the opportunity to get wisdom from the lessons life presents. Your body is not the enemy. However, beliefs and attitudes you may carry about your body can certainly be the cause of this distorted perception.

  • Realize that sugar holds negative emotions in place. Keeping track of when you are craving something sugary and how it correlates to what’s going on in your life may be a great eye-opener for you.

  • Consider that taking in large amounts of food that convert to sugar, such as sweets, starch, and gluten keeps the brain from making healthy brain cells. This distorts your thinking process and causes you to become unnecessarily emotional.

  • Notice if you are eating when you feel sad or lonely. Eating something you feel good about, preferably choosing something of a healthier nature, lifts your spirits and nourishes you on many levels.

  • Observe if you eat when you’re hungry. It can be tempting to ignore your body’s needs. It is better to have a snack and then make time for eating a meal later than to either wolf your food down or starve until you almost fall over.

  • Create a new model for food selection that helps you break away from the more standardized methods. Planning around healthy nutritious foods you enjoy is better than counting calories, measuring, or avoiding foods.

  • Play a game that revolves around food, starting with paying attention to how you feel about what you’re eating while you’re eating it. Instead of feeling guilty about eating certain foods, changing your mindset to use those foods at appropriate times as a reward you can savor is a more fun approach.

  • Take pleasure in each element of nourishing your body. You can do this by trying something different, choosing the foods you consume based on color, texture, and smell.

  • Discover what you really love to eat by expanding and exploring different kinds of dishes. Focusing on what makes your mouth happy energizes your body. You don’t even need to eat it for your body to respond.

  • Make a chakra salad, focusing on as many of the colors associated with the chakras as you can put into a salad. This includes red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and white. It is a great way to energize and enliven your eating experience.

  • Nurture yourself with a luxuriously soothing bath, bringing out the candles, music, and bath salts with fragrances you love. Such indulgence can be a great way to relieve stress and revitalize, giving yourself permission to relax and enjoy this time.

  • Cultivate some type of movement you enjoy. It may be running, walking, yoga, exercising, or dancing, as long as it is physical activity you enjoy that you will do at least once a week.Your body will thank you for it.

  • Smile and laugh. Everything in you will appreciate this light hearted experience.

The Child Within


  • Be scared of change as you tremble with fear, letting doubt and anxiety fill you, and hearing that inner voice telling you how it’s never going to work for you. There are parts of you that honestly feel this way and deserve to have a say. This is your wounded child.

  • Forgive yourself for believing that you are the problem. As a child you might have felt, for any number of reasons, that the circumstances surrounding you were your fault. Understanding that children take on and react to the environment they find themselves in can help release these false beliefs.

  • Notice how much of what you do is governed by what you were taught as a child. You can choose to do those same things differently for who you are now.

  • Listen for the voice inside telling you what you shouldn’t, couldn’t, and can’t do. Telling it to shut up and reminding yourself you have grown up, that you’re not a little child anymore helps you make your own decisions like you always told yourself you would do.

  • Play with the inner child. When you allow that part of you to express what fun looks like, you open yourself to your creative nature. Life gets easier.

  • Nourish the little child within you. Seeing yourself in your mind's eye going back and giving the child all the foods and goodies they love and were denied, connects you to that part of you.

  • Have fun making it up as you go along. This simple practice solves more issues than you could ever possibly imagine.

  • Become the hero to your inner child. It’s truly an inside job.


Caring for Your Emotional Nature

  • Express your uniqueness. Finding your true passion can become an adventure you embark upon to awaken your joy of living.

  • Embrace your talents and abilities. You open yourself to your own sense of self-confidence when you give yourself permission to acknowledge the areas where you shine.

  • Honor yourself in everything you do. Living with integrity makes a difference in all aspects of your life.

  • Encourage a new motivation. Exploring the potentials of your future takes you beyond what you knew in the past.

  • Pretend you have been granted permission to nurture yourself every day. This opens you up to consider what wonderful facet of life you would love to enjoy that day, just for you, as you let yourself indulge in these experiences.

  • List simple things you get pleasure from doing. Putting your attention on what you like to do can lift off burdens and redirect your energy into bringing more contentment into your life.

  • Realize you have the power over what you think and say. You get to choose the thoughts you want to show up in your world, putting attention on them and then reaping the rewards of those choices.

  • Learn to ask for what you want and make space to receive it. Making space for what you want is the key. Otherwise it could show up and slip by because the door is too small for it to fit through.

  • Be kind to yourself. Change requires patience.

  • Recognize that you are ready to stop wasting your time repeating your mistakes over and over again. This awareness can be the catalyst that moves you forward in a healthy direction.

  • Act as if you have a magic wand and, at a moment’s notice, you could have anything you want. That requires taking time to focus on what you do want and letting what you don’t want fade into the background.

  • Tell yourself the truth without justifying the past. Your whole life starts opening up when you do this. You no longer need to be the victim of your past experiences.

  • Be conscious that you do have choices. With each new choice you make that moves you in a positive direction you become more confident, strengthening that inner muscle.

  • Explore this newfound sense of self-confidence. It automatically reveals an inner untapped power.You develop self-worth and inner security with each phase of uncovering your inner power.

  • Understand that during your process of growth and change there will be new adjustments to consider. You might start to become happy and have some fun. You might even find yourself laughing at silly things and appreciating small things you would never have seen before.

  • Be aware that the process gets deeper and more rewarding while getting faster and more graceful. That means giving yourself permission to step into the flow and be carried on this current of change enhances your ability to be spontaneous and truly enjoy the journey.


Creating a Successful Mindset


  • Realize on some level you knew you were going to be facing difficult challenges. You also gave yourself the tools and ability to go beyond those circumstances. You are here for the rewards of your journey, not the story.

  • Go looking for things you are afraid of and attack them head on. It is better than waiting for them to unexpectedly find you and take you off guard. This way you can move through them and come out the other side the victor.

  • Notice how the pendulum swings. It goes to each side equally. This is also the potential in your life. However much struggle you have experienced is also the range of how much success you have the ability to tap into.

  • Use the fear of not doing it right to become the catalyst for getting it right. You may experience fear when learning something new. Instead of buying into it turning your attention towards your positive outcome to keep on moving is a more effective approach.

  • Visualize yourself getting off the hamster wheel of life. The power of seeing yourself stepping off that wheel might just be the ticket you’ve been looking for to get onto solid ground in your endeavors.

  • Focus on creating inner validation, taking time daily to observe your own true value. Something magical happens by honoring yourself this way.

  • Learn how to reward yourself for behaviors that enhance who you are seeking to become. The degree of the reward can be based on the value you place on the new behavior.

  • Realize that each time you treat yourself in a positive way it rewires the subconscious to give you more opportunities to move in that direction. Positive prompts more positive.

  • Anchor your progress to something you value. This may be a real key to long-term success. When you have something outside yourself that is truly important to you, it can be your deeper reason for staying the course and moving beyond the potholes and roadblocks that appear.

  • Generate a mental image of what it looks like to be supported in accomplishing your next task. This focuses your attention on attracting people and circumstances to enhance the successful result of your efforts.

  • Imagine people treating you better. Sometimes your own limitations draw in what you fear most. Turning your thoughts to the positives you want to create may happily surprise you when you notice what happens.

  • Develop your own sense of security. You are more likely to feel confident stepping beyond your comfort zone when you feel safe.

  • Create a new motivation. Exploring the potentials of your future helps you go beyond what you knew in the past.

  • Go through the fear by reaching forward toward accomplishing your goal. You’ll get there much sooner than you ever imagined.



Using Nature as a Teacher


  • Connect with a tree, letting yourself feel the roots going down into the ground and the branches reaching up to the sky. It can be that easy to ground and reach at the same time.

  • Apply the knowledge learned from nature to circumstances you find yourself in with people. Everything takes on a new meaning from this perspective. Then you can handle situations in a more balanced way.

  • Look for symbols in nature. The animals, birds, and insects that get your attention each have messages for you.

  • Pay attention to your inner nature. A plant in a dark room that doesn’t get enough water may live. It will truly flourish when you put it in a bright room and give it water. This is true for you, too.

  • Feed and nourish your true nature. That is all you’ll need to do so you can then stand back and watch your life blossom.

  • Notice that a normal aspect of nature is to prune to get rid of the old to have energy for the new. When you let things that no longer serve you fall away of their own accord, what remains benefits you in greater measure.

  • Honor the forces of earth, air, fire, water and ether. These elements directly correlate to being grounded, thinking, passion, emotion, and your spiritual nature.

  • Tune in to one of nature’s elements each day, focusing on how it shows up in your life and seeing how you relate to each element individually. Discovering which ones you feel most comfortable with lets you put attention on enhancing those qualities.


Your Relationships


  • Realize when people take advantage of you that it makes you feel weak. You can choose, instead, to be strong and be mindful of whom you’re willing to support and to what degree, handling each relationship on your own terms.

  • Recognize that boundaries define and identify. You are unconsciously attracting what you don’t want when you put attention on what you want to keep out. Shifting your awareness to what you want to include, what brings you joy and what you love makes it easier for those elements to find you.

  • Identify what you’re a magnet for. That includes how people treat you, what you attract, and the emotions you frequently find yourself experiencing. Forgiving yourself for thinking that was all you deserved lets you claim a higher level of compatibility for what you attract in the future.

  • Focus on what’s right in your relationships. Sometimes the challenges in your relationships cause you to forget what attracted you to that person in the first place. Putting some attention in this direction might reveal a more balanced perspective that can resolve issues with more harmony and clarity.

  • Build communication. A key component of any relationship is the ability to share ideas and beliefs. It is less important whether you agree and more important that you can discuss and feel understood.

  • Sense when you feel you have to fit into someone else’s belief system in order to be valued. Then you can evaluate what stimulates that response in you and see if it is valid.

  • Consider the element of discernment, especially in relationships. It is a gift you earn. It is different than judgment. Judgment is debilitating and is a better than/less than condition. Discernment is to evaluate and arrive where you choose to honor your basic principles.

  • Express emotions more appropriately and authentically by setting an intention to feel deeply heard and understood. That way when others honor you in that way you will be able to receive it more graciously.

  • Practice saying thank you and allowing yourself to just receive. You may be inclined to deflect or say something back to equal what was shared when someone compliments you instead of letting it in, soaking it up, and smiling in gratitude.

  • Cultivate the ability to become a great source of spontaneity and laughter in your relationships. You can go beyond any drama into capturing the cosmic joke of the moment by using past experiences.



Higher Awareness


  • Pay attention to the subtle impulses, intuition, and clear but unspoken words of guidance. These are part of who you are as a spiritual being and are enhanced by connecting with these aspects and following the guidance you receive.

  • Honor the times when the voice inside gave you a direction you followed and had good results. Those times are the basis for trusting yourself to hear these subtle whisperings again, with each time being easier to hear and follow than the time before.

  • Observe how sometimes the most obvious things are invisible to you. You may be like a fish swimming in the ocean, searching for the water until you stop and realize where you are in the moment. You might discover what you were looking for was there all along; you were just too busy to see it.

  • Align with your deeper purpose. Letting it draw you forward can set you free.

  • Realize you are a unique piece of the great cosmic puzzle. Just like no two snowflakes are alike, you are created uniquely to fulfill your distinct divine destiny.

  • Ask for your answers from songs on the radio. This is a simple way to hear an answer that you have no control over. It is a fun way to receive information from a neutral source.

  • Listen for your answers in bits of overheard conversations. Even passing people walking down the street can give you insight into a dilemma you might want answers for.

  • Follow the process life presents. Loving the path that unfolds before you allows you to receive the hidden gifts this journey reveals.


Making It All Up


  • Imagine yourself designing a movie. You are the hero. Allowing yourself to step into a seemingly fictitious environment breaks the restrictions you may be feeling in day-to-day life.

  • Move into the role of crafting the characteristics of the hero. Doing this exercise shows you some of the hidden strengths you may possess that you haven’t yet acknowledged in yourself.

  • Visualize dilemmas that the hero might come up against. Looking from the outside of a situation can often provide clarity about something you may be currently faced with from a different perspective.

  • Explore how the hero perceives the villain. This is a safe way to observe the dynamic between the two from different angles.

  • Consider various ways the hero might overcome this situation, from the most brutal to the most inspired. They are all honest and valuable.

  • Discover the unseen allies of the hero. Opening up to having assistance in dealing with the pressures life brings can open you to receiving assistance from others in healthy ways.

  • Imagine the strengths of the unseen allies and the special powers they have at their disposal. Letting in supernatural elements takes loads of stress off you.

  • Make believe these unseen allies are all there for the sole purpose of aligning and supporting the hero. This sets up a framework where you can feel worthy and deserving of support in creating a successful outcome in your endeavors.



~ Think Love, Then Speak ~


About Lania


Lania’s light-hearted approach has her clients laughing as they effortlessly resolve past fears, negative emotions, and useless attitudes and beliefs that no longer serve them. Most importantly, her work unlocks a wealth of resources, opening and changing their lives forever – boosting their joy, confidence, and heartfelt self-acceptance. 


As a result of overcoming extreme childhood abuse, Lania embarked on a quest to understand the secrets of her true purpose and reason for living. In the early 1980’s she began a process of discovery that led her to the creation of EssenceWork™ a powerful form of energy healing.


Lania’s work with this process has expanded over the years into Advanced EssenceWork™, and she now trains others in Basic EssenceWork™. Lania also facilitates monthly Group EssenceWork™ Events based on the synergy of participants from all over the world.


Then in 1996 Lania had a spiritual awakening that revealed a step-by-step process that not only makes old emotional baggage obsolete, but also clarifies her clients’ true purpose for living. She calls this process SoulPoint™ where the insights gained are like finding, “The Rule Book of Life.”        


Now, Lania dedicates her life to helping others create breakthroughs in their own lives. In addition to her monthly Group EssenceWork™ Events, she shares her profound SoulPoint™ teachings through her transformational work, radio interviews, and articles. Most notably, her work is featured as a chapter, “Overcoming Spiritual Amnesia,” in the book Cosmic Cradle and in the revised 2013 edition as, “Forgiving My Mother’s Abuse.”


Lania works by phone and on Zoom for talking sessions. Energy work is done while the client sleeps and the report is given by phone or on Zoom the following day.


Lania Desmond


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