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EssenceWork Training

The EssenceWork Practitioner Training Program - Level 1

About the Training


In the Level 1 training the focus is on teaching the basic underlying principles that apply to this unique form of energy healing. Basic EssenceWork is focused primarily on the steps to follow in order to lift off what holds themes in place based in this current lifetime. It differs from the more advanced EssenceWork that Lania does which lifts off what holds themes in place throughout multitudes of past lives.


This training focuses on the precise components of this technique and how they are applied. You are given background information on how the process was developed, receive instructions on the proper facilitation of this form of energy work, learn how to access information regarding what was addressed, and the method of presenting the report to the client.


Details of the EssenceWork Training


This is a 2-day Intensive. When this training is completed you will leave with the ability to do EssenceWork Level 1 sessions on yourself and others, including children, animals, homes and land. This is a wonderful way to learn how to perform an energetic healing modality in a simple and foolproof manner. 


EssenceWork doesn’t just clear the person you’re working on during a session, the energy work clears you as well.  Yet EssenceWork is so gentle – it’s more like layers of gauze lifting off.  The longer you practice this process, the more you experience a new sense of flow. Your life is now free to move in the direction that you want it to go.  As this occurs your life becomes much more elegant and in greater alignment with your life path from your Soul's design.


Prerequisites for the EssenceWork Training Program - Level 1 consist of:


  • Completion of the SoulPoint Initial Series

  • At least 3 private EssenceWork sessions with Lania


There is a period of integration that follows this training. As part of the training, follow-up support is provided. Please contact me for further information on how you can participate in a Training, dates, and cost.


Learn how to perform this powerful energetic healing modality! 








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