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Ever Wish You Could Just Start Over... and GET IT RIGHT? 

with Lania Desmond

What if I could show you a way to


where you awaken your ability

to love and accept yourself

– and your life –

from a more meaningful, purpose filled 

state of consciousness. 

What would you want?

and if you had that

How would you feel?

and more importantly

How would you be different?

but then there's that haunting question bubbling up...

What if it doesn't work for Me?


and the whisper comes back...

Yeah, But what if it DOES?


The caterpillar can't even imagine what it's like to fly.


Likewise, maybe it's time to go beyond what you already know...


I Believe You Can

Reach for the stars and let the world inside you change.

Lania Desmond is the creator of SoulPoint and EssenceWork. She uses her considerable gifts to help you unravel the mysteries of life and overcome spiritual amnesia so you can remember who you really are and from there create a solid foundation of Self-Acceptance, Deep Love and a Unique Rapport with Your Soul.


Her clients report extraordinary life-altering effects – including Heightened States of Awareness – as a result of her unusual approach to personal growth and transformation.


Lania’s spiritual perspectives are the result of numerous near-death experiences (NDE's) and the decades of self-mastery that followed.



The Essence of Your Soul is calling...


You Know It's Time. 


Let it guide you into a life of depth and meaning, 

a purposeful path to walk,

and an intimate knowing of your true value.

Some approaches to move beyond just seeking,




A 5-part Series that Allows You to
Re-Imagine Your Life

Is it time to cross that invisible line between searching for answers and

actually living your Soul's destiny?


If so, then here's a unique approach

that brings to life your ability

to manifest that desire –



Learn more



Where You Simply Go to Sleep


And allow this energetic approach

to get rid of stubborn, negative, unconscious patterns of fear

and run-away emotions 

that cause you to struggle.


Awaken to a new-found sense of

freedom, clarity, and connection.


Report Included


Learn more

Group EssenceWork


A Monthly Activation


A wonderful way each month to set yourself free from a life of 

unwanted, repetitive themes 

while restoring a greater sense of 

harmony and balance to your life. 


- Done While You Sleep –



Report Included


Learn more


If you crave significant changes in your life,

and wish they could happen easily and without struggle, then I can help You!

I'm here for you, let's talk.

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Lania Desmond



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