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The Care and Feeding of an Indigo Child

As our planet matures, more and more highly evolved souls are drawn into embodiment to usher in the Golden Age. Known as Indigo Children, these advanced beings seek parents who are willing to step up to the challenge of coming into alignment with them.

In the past, when children were conceived, they set about absorbing the beliefs and attitudes of their parents, conforming to the customs and standards in place in their parents' environment. Now advanced souls are ushering in a new paradigm of thinking that is turning everything upside down. They expect their parents to expand to their broader consciousness, sometimes even before a pregnancy can take place. Others make their presence known after birth, eagerly nudging their parents to let go of outdated beliefs and patterns and rise up to a more expansive perspective, one that would bring them ultimate fulfillment. This can be daunting, however, to an unprepared parent.

I've worked with many parents who were troubled by the behavior of their "unusual" children. When they understood that they had invited in an Indigo Child—and that the child was forcing them to deal with any issues that had been ignored or avoided—they felt a great sense of relief. Knowledge truly is power!

Resolving Issues is Rewarded with Baby's Birth
Kate, a highly conscious want-to-be mother in Wales, was heartsick over two miscarriages—both at ten weeks. She is a perfect example of a woman who needed to clear up an issue before her son David would choose to be born.

Although Kate was distraught over the failed pregnancies, she was more concerned about relief from the deep anger she had harbored since childhood, which flavored so many aspects of her life. Kate sent an email to me, not mentioning the pregnancy issue. She soon began SoulPoint sessions over the phone—and immediately got pregnant again. Kate then told me about the prior miscarriages and her fear of losing the baby.

As sessions took place, Kate noticed her relationship with her husband opening up. Then the feelings of frustration, tension, and futility began to dissipate as she released the anger she had always lived with. She wanted to raise her child in a totally different environment than what she experienced as a child. She knew the old patterns needed to be replaced with wholesome, enriching patterns for the new baby. She felt that our work was shifting her fundamental core beliefs toward that end.

When Kate approached the ten-week mark, instead of built-up dread, she had developed a deep bond between herself and her baby and knew her unborn child would be okay. When the first ultrasound revealed a healthy boy, Kate burst into tears of joy. And on December 30, 2004, a very robust David was born, weighing in at nine pounds, four ounces. The pact that had been made between these two souls in the angelic realms was now complete. Well, almost. Now Kate's next adventure is to learn first-hand about conscious parenting.

Life with Indigo Children
It takes more than just new parenting skills to raise Indigos. It also requires parents to adopt a whole new way of thinking to match that of their child. These children are more awake and aware of who they are, have a presence that may seem unimaginable by our old rules of perceiving life, and they surely seem to dance to a very different drummer.

Indigo Children come in without the pall of forgetfulness; their natural telepathy shows up as special gifts or insights. Their sensing devices are vastly different. For example, a parent might see a black and white ink drawing where the same image to an Indigo Child would be a holographic picture.

Recently I spoke with an Asheville woman who started the conversation with "Hi, I'm Mary. Can you tell me more about your work?"

"Why, of course. I'd be happy to. Can I ask how you heard about me?"

"My son told me to call you."

"Your son? How old is he?" I asked.


"Four?" I laughed and she joined in. "Maybe you better start at the beginning."

"Well, I saw a blurb about you in WNC Parent and was kinda interested, then I forgot about it. Then I saw your brochures around town and looked at your Web site. I thought I'd give you a call, but I forgot again."


"Then one day I was out with my son where your business card was displayed with a number of others. My son made a bee line to the cards, snatched up yours and brought it back to me. Handing it to me upside-down, he said, 'Mommy, you need to call this person.' When I saw it was your card, I almost fell over."

Isn't this a great example of how Indigo Children nudge their parents into action? I believe this child realized that the card resonated with his nature and felt that this might create a bridge to deeper understanding and greater bonding with his mom.

A New Parenting Model
Indigos are creating circumstances that put in motion a fundamental shift in consciousness in their parents. I call this new dynamic Conscious Parenting, but my definition is radically different from what you'll find with any cursory review of the Internet and books on Conscious Parenting. Most focus on techniques to modify a child's behavior: how to resolve conflict, how to communicate more effectively, how to build self-esteem. While these are important and useful, they are primarily directed at changing the behavior of the child. I feel the emphasis is misplaced. It's not about changing the child; it is about the parent embracing what it really means to be spirit having a human experience. From that loftier vantage point, it naturally flows to crystallizing and fulfilling one's true life’s purpose. This is ultimately what these special children have come to restore, and it is no more obvious than in the home environment.

As new mothers and fathers open themselves up to move into new patterns and behaviors demonstrated by their Indigo Children, they will gradually come to enjoy the rewards these children embody, such as amplified minds and more compassionate hearts. They will become citizens in a world that is larger than their aspirations and more complex than their dreams. They will become heroes or heroines embarking on a journey of transformation and discovery.

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